HMB is traumatic still popular sport

09 May 2015 11:01
Everybody knows HMB is a tough sport for tough men. Nowadays HMB is becoming extremely popular. The web is full of articles about new world sport that turned to be as traumatic and violent as medieval times. As if our reality isn’t filled with aggressiveness and hatred!
In fact, HMB is the emotional sport that helps people to come to their senses rather than to keep anger locked up inside. It might seem strange, but if you think of it, HMB makes you look at life in a deferent prospective, and HMB-Championship is the best occasion to recognize the true values and to show the will to win.
Nicola Loda, Italy
I was cut with my own helmet, this is the second time I wore it and this is what good hit from strong men can do. The medics fixed me with the bandage and said that I will be fine. We almost win our fight against Russians and I am very proud to be the last one standing against them as long as they are the champions. I believe tomorrow I will definitely participate at our “5 vs 5” fight against New Zealand, wait and see!
Xavier Depeyrew, France

I have a cut through my eyebrow, but this is what happens in this sport all the time. I look forward continuing our struggle and all that I can care about right now is our place in the tournament schedule, and our two important fights that we have to get through today in the afternoon. The medics told me, I gonna be fine. My eyebrow is not bleeding anymore, so I have no reasons to miss all that fun.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania