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25 Sep 2015 16:59
Topper, South Africa: “Our dream is to one day be as good as the Ukraine or Russian teams”
HMB-movement in South Africa app?ared long time ago. When? Why? And how did it happen? HMBIA News asked founder of this activity – Brian Topper from Durban.

Brian Topper (captain of the National Team of South Africa):  “I lived in new Zealand and learned the sport there.  I came back to Cape Town and started HMB-club “Durban Sword” 14 years ago. For today we have 4 clubs – “Durban Sword”, “Orusta”, “MFC” and “Table Mountain Hema”.

In spite of this Southafrican team couldn`t take part in World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015 because there was not enough people to make a buhurt team. According to Brian Topper, for today there are enough fighters, but the exchange rate makes overseas travel very expensive for team that lives in another side of the world. Brian Topper and his accomplices trying to register as a non profit organisation, because they will have an opportunity   to get sponsored by companies who will be able to get a tax refund.  This is taking a long time.

But Mr.Topper and other fighters from South Africa are planning to take part in the high internation level tournament. To reach their goal they are working hard to represent South Africa from the best side. As Brian Topper said, fighters train twice a week, but the team is split over 600 km – half in Durban, half in Gauteng. Sportsmen train in armour once a week, and buhurt once a week, unarmoured, with plastic and steel weapons. Working hard they have a dream – one day to be as good as the Ukraine or Russian teams.

And South Africa has great chances to be one of the leading country in HMB-sport. There a lot of work done to grow and get more experience. As everybody in HMB-movement knows – more tournaments, more experience. South Africa has “BHSA Corner Stone Tournament”- their own National tournament since 2006. This year tournament will be held 26-27 of September with about 15 fighters, and there audience will have an opportunity to watch fights in “5 vs 5″ buhurt category. Also it will help to select a National team.

Brian Topper (captain of the National Team of South Africa): “We have spent a lot of money advertising the tournament this weekend and are having it at the local military base. It has been advertised in the newspaper and on street poles. We are expecting a thousand people. At least 500″.

There are HMB-sport top fighters in the country and they known in this sport. Griff Gigler from Wales is international participant and as europian fighters say he is talanted and strong. There is other fighters that can be serious opponents in different categories.

Brian Topper (captain of the National Team of South Africa):  “Our top fighters are Anton Moller, Ingo Teske, Hylton Kleynhans, Josh and Christa Suttie – they are married. Christa is great female fighter that can be good opponent for “1 vs 1″ category to europian fighters”.

And of course we can add Brian Topper  to the list of top fighters in South Africa.
As many fighters in the world there in South Africa fighters prefer europian armour. As  Brian Topper said, here popular mixed 14-th century, mainly Germany and England. Its comfortable, safe and goodlooking. And of course they use surcoats with the colours of Southafrican flag.

According to the captain Topper, they are trying to do everything to develop the sport in the country. And southafrican fighters are also interested in developing the pro fighting scene. As Brian Topper said, they are planning to use the MMA and cage fighting scene to introduce the HMB and to invite new people to this sport.

Brian Topper (captain of the National Team of South Africa):  “We currently have quite a few rugby players that have joined us. Actually we must not speak of rugby, since we just lost to Japan!”

So lets wish the HMB-movement in South Africa to develop and grow.

Vera Smith,

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