HMB in Czech Republic

28 Sep 2015 12:59
“One of first experiences with HMB was buhurt “150 vs 150″. It hurt!”
Pohl, Czech Republic

History of HMB-movement in Czech Republic starts in 2012. Josif Pohl, head of HMB-movement there, remember this time and was glad to tell HMBIA News about it.

Josif Pohl, captain of Czech Republic National team, head of HMB- movement in Czech Republic: “It was 3 years ago, when group of my friends including me, was in our first tournaments in Austria. It was hard start, because we wasn´t ready and one of first experiences with HMB was buhurt “150 vs 150″. It hurt!”

Guys was impressed and thats how it started. And then began hard work and one big dream for many people. Josif Pohl become head of HMB-movement and even was selected to be  captain of Czech Republic National team. Its a big honor, but its a big responsibility too. That few people who was in love with HMB-sport started to train, did better armor and visited as much tournaments as they could to get more experience and see fight styles of different teams.

From that bugurt in 2012 has passed 3 years and now there are 4 HMB-clubs in Czech Republic – “SKSKB Prague”, “MFC Vysocina”, “MFC Zlinsko” and “MFC Slezsko”. According to captain Pohl, another teams are growing, but it is not easy to establish club  in this country.

HMB-movement here is part of lifes and captains of clubs  have some kind of council to find the way to solve the problems and find the ways to develop historical medieval battles in Czech Republic. The main problem is that HMB is not official sport, so, we cannot find sponsors, and without resources, developing is very hard. But they doing everything that they can. First of all Josif Pohl and other sportsmen held tournaments in HMBIA standarts.
Josif Pohl, captain of Czech Republic National team, head of HMB- movement in Czech Republic: “In season 2015-2016 we are planning eliminations tournaments of course – october 2015, january 2016, march 2016 and also some tournaments, but now is early to say some details”.

There are a lot of HMB-fighters in Czech Republic. But its not easy to pick out few. As captain  said, every team has his own best fighters, but it is difficult to say:”This one is best.” Because every fighter is good with his own way and If one is strong in one thing, there is another fighter strong in other thing. Josif Pohl and his fighters managed to show themselfs participating in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” and other tournaments. And their opponents was impressed.
Everybody knows that HMB-fighter can`t exist without armour and civil medieval cloth. Czech Republic  is europian country, so not surprising that here use europian armour 14th century. Their armour and clothes is based on their national identity. Most of czech sportmen  is coming from reenancement, so they have really good knowledge about history and historical view.

In Czech Republic sure that in spite of all the difficulties HMB-sport in this country will pass away and therevwill be more tournaments, more fighters and more audience.

Vera Smith,

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