HMB Girls: Stay Home and Train!

17 Apr 2020 17:40

Staying fit before, during and after quarantine is the main task of any athlete, and our fighters are no exception. Today, HMBIA News asked HMB female fighters from different countries to talk about their struggle for musculature.

Quarantine and isolation continue; however, our girls are not discouraged and are actively working on themselves using all available equipment to them in this difficult situation.

For example, Alexandra Soloshchenko, a well-known HMB athlete from Russia, demonstrated sports ingenuity by posting on her Facebook page squats with her dog on her shoulders. Unusual, but effective if the dog does not mind! Besides this novel way of keeping in shape, there are a number of ways to work out. We offer you insight for keeping yourself in good shape from girls of HMB athletes from different countries.

Let’s start with Estonia, where we managed to talk with the organizer of the tournaments, Liina Rapp. She does not fight in the lists, but the event organizer should also stay in shape. In addition, Liina also acts as a musician at tournaments, but here, without any preparation, it’s just not possibleThe girl found the opportunity, place and time and is now playing a musical instrument.

“One summer, my colleague and I played a lot on the streets of Old Tallinn as part of a tournament promotion. That summer I played the bagpipes and decided to pause …. and it dragged on for a year. And now the perfect moment has come to get back to the instrument again. Two minutes from the house there is a beautiful place without neighbors where I was allowed to play music as much as I wanted. I dragged everything I needed and got to work. I was busy for a long time, but as long as my tuner and ear are functioning, I sort of managed it. However, we must engage, engage and engage,” said Liina.

We wish Liina success and look forward to seeing her at the events following the quarantine. And now we are heading north to Finland, where the captain of the Kivuttaret women’s team Roosa Järvinen will share her routine with us.

“There are more than 1,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Finland. There are many rules and instructions on how to act in the current situation in the country. As for training, all sports clubs and gyms are closed. We train outdoors in very small groups or one at a time. It seems to me that there is just the opportunity to pay special attention to cardio. I walk a lot in the woods, and when it snowed, I started cycling. In addition, running in mountainous terrain and climbing stairs is also fun training. In addition to this at home, I perform some basic exercises with weights. I’m very lucky that my husband and I have a common hobby. We train – wrestling, sparring and basic techniques. We even have a bulda in the yard,” said Roosa.

In addition, the Kivuttaret team has 3 coaches who continue to work with fighters online, give instructions and make videos. As you can see, Finnish HMB athletes do not stop training no matter what!

From Finland to the other end of the globe. Dana Bergam-Wyman from New Zealand is at hand to tell you what the situation is in their country and in the HMB community.


“Our Felag club conducts online HMB training because New Zealand is at the highest quarantine level — fourth. This means that we are all ordered to stay home and go out only for food or medicine. However, we want to stay fit. We even developed our own hashtag: #NoTrainingNoExcuses.

We try to perform simple exercises for which you do not need a lot of equipment. In addition, we hope to at the same time attract other people to do the same and even become part of the HMB community when the blocking is over, ”said Dana.

The idea with a hashtag is just great and we encourage all HMB athletes to join and post their workouts on social networks using special hashtags.

Beatrice Pellegrini from Italy – HMB fighter and a big fan of historical medieval battle who is also forced to stay at home. The situation with Covid 19 in her country is still critical and she has been forced into strict isolation for 4 weeks now. However, she is not discouraged and puts this time to good use:

“I train 6 times a week. This helps me keep myself in good shape and cope with forced loneliness. I do crossfit, barbell. I also perform several exercises on the technique. Unfortunately, I don’t have soft weapons or a punch bag at home, but even what I can do improves control over the blows.

But Alexandra Obryadchikova from Russia spends her isolation in Argentina. The girl was unable to leave the country and is waiting for the successful completion of quarantine to get home. According to her, in Argentina you can only leave the house to go to a grocery store, pharmacy, for dog walking or by permission. The streets are patrolled by the military.

However, she was lucky – a friend with whom Alexandra is staying shares her passion and is part of the local HMB team. And she also has the opportunity to train at home.

“There’s a patio here, so I’m running around all the time. And our friend has a falchion, a bulda and dumbbells. I’m also doing crossfit. ”

As you can see, our girls are not discouraged in any situation. After quarantine in their countries, they will come out rested, strong and ready for new victories! They crave entering HMB tournaments and fighting exclusively for gold medals! 

We look forward to this moment and will keep you updated on all the events from the world of HMB. Stay with us!

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