HMB France has a new leader now! 

18 Feb 2021 13:27

Ronan Desgranges is the new captain of the HMB France team for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2021, recently announced by Frédéric Lepault, the team’s former captain. He was elected by the members of the 2019 national team, and Ronan proudly accepted this position.

It’s a great honor for me. I’m really proud to have been chosen by fighters who I have known for 7 years, who have been fighting longer than me for some of them and whom I respect a lot. Now I’m in charge of them and I will do my best not to disappoint them and lead the French team to the podium”.

There is a lot of work ahead, but the captain looks at everything with optimism, and does not forget about pragmatism. He needs to prepare the national team for participation in BotN at a very difficult time for his country – Covid-19 seriously affected the moral and material condition of the French. But, like a real fighter, he took up the challenge and does everything possible to fulfill his obligations.

My first Task is the selection of the 2021 French team and it’s quite a challenge with the actual pandemic and the interdiction of tournaments in France. After that I will have to work on the logistic organisation which will also be really hard because of the current crisis”, admitted Ronan.

According to him, the process of the team formation is still under discussion as there are no opportunities to hold mass events. Usually there was a selection of fighters who showed their best capacities during the HMB French Cup, so they are trying to find the way to form the team of the best fighters of the country without holding the qualifying tournaments. But still it is planned to have at least 50 fighters as during previous editions. Also there are no opportunities to have team meetings and training sessions because of the Covid-19 restrictions. 

“I will try to do at least as good as previous years, it will already be a good achievement for this special year”, said the captain. 

During the Championship itself, the captain of the national team has a lot of work outside the lists, but still Ronan hopes to go into battle in at least one group category. As for the composition of the national team, it is planned that France will take part in both buhurts and duels and in the Outrance Combat (Profight) category.

We are sure that the fighters of the Martel HMB club are happy that their teammate was elected to such a high and honorable post of the national team captain.

Also Ronan’s family is happy and proud of him:

My parents were really proud when I told them, they follow buhurt with attention and I’m sure they will watch all of the French team fights.

My girlfriend was really happy for me too, she helped me a lot for the preparations for BotN and she will be with the french team in Romania as an osteopath as she was already in 2019”.

So, HMBIA News editorial office wishes Ronan Desgranges success in all his duties and as always will be eagerly waiting to meet HMB France team in the lists of the HMB world Championship Battle of the Nations 2021 in Romania! 


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania