HMB Finland has a new captain!

26 Apr 2021 15:44

Joonas Lammasniemi will lead the HMB Finland team to the lists of Battle of the Nations in Romania as new captain of the team of his country. He takes his responsibilities seriously:

“As for me, being a captain of the national team is to be the beacon to which my team can look towards for guidance, help and conviction for preparing and taking part in competition and in training of course”, said Joonas Lammasniemi. 

Now the captain is thinking over a plan for his further work with the team, the possibility of conducting off site training sessions and camps, which will be held throughout the year until the Battle of the Nations. In addition, Joonas has a lot of work to do on the formation of the HMB Finland team:

Only those fighters who have shown the maximum progress over these 2 years will get into the national team. I will also take into account the results of their training during the away sessions.”

The captain also plans to enter the lists and as a fighter for 5 vs 5 and 12 vs 12 categories

Joonas is leading fighter of MCS Satakunta team and with him their team has already won 3 times in row Finnish 3vs3 buhurt category.

So, in my opinion he’s a really good choice to continue the work!” said Teemu.

As for the upcoming World Championship, Joonas plans to take his team to at least the buhurts semifinals.

Our editorial staff congratulates Joonas on his appointment to such a responsible and prestigious position as captain of the national team and wishes him success in all his endeavors. And of course look forward to meeting him and his team at the Oradea fortress in Romania!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania