HMB awards as a separate art form

21 Jul 2019 23:41
For the past few years, the design and execution of award cups and medals for such large-scale HMB events like Battle on the Neva, RECON, and Battle of the Nations belong to the blacksmiths of one manufactory. These stylish and qualitative awards are the result of Fedor Pushkarev and his team work. How are these awards born? Let’s ask Fedor about this:
“I have been making Cups since 2015. It is both easy and difficult at the same time. We have a certain arsenal of different techniques already, different combinations of materials, so this is easy. But, on the other hand, the beautiful forms of the shields that I use for the cups are running out! We need to look for more and more new forms.”
Fedor admitted that he is often looking for new forms when traveling around Europe and looking at historical sources. However, it happens that the tournament itself gives the idea. For example, on July 13, at the Battle on the Neva festival, the winners of the HMB tournament received Cups, which design was inspired by the name of the event.
“If the festival, for example, is called The Battle on the Neva, then there should be a landscape of the Peter and Paul Fortress – something that emphasizes geographical affiliation. As an artist, last year I drew graphics for the Battle on the Neva. In 2019, based on this graphics, I created a new image of the 2018 awards in a more monumental material – in steel painted with special blacksmith paints for gold, silver and bronze. So that’s how these awards appeared.”

However, a person cannot stand still in his work. The Fyodor Pushkarev Workshop already has plans for further development that will undoubtedly please and surprise the winners and organizers of the tournaments. Fedor shared his secrets only with us:

“I can reveal a secret. Now my colleague and I are learning how to work with 3D printers, and from 2020 or 21 year we are planning to switch from flat solutions to full volumetric ones. Cups will be smaller and we will do something like the Oscar, but for the HMB world”.

An unexpected and very interesting decision! We can’t wait to see the result of such creative work.

We thank Fedor Pushkarev for the interview and wish him an inspiration and a lot of interesting work.
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