HMB 1st Class Tournaments are selected!

03 Aug 2015 17:42

We are happy to announce the official list of HMB 1st Class Tournaments on three continents in 2015 year!

It was decided to establish a special fund named “HMB 1st Class Tournaments Foundation” ( at the annual HMBIA summit 2014. It will be distributed among several tournaments worldwide in order to be supported and organized at the first-class level. However, the aim of this project is not only to financially support and develop certain tournaments, but also to expand global promotion of HMB sport and tournaments.

Applications to the fund were sent by tournaments organizers from 14 countries (all 5 continents represented) and were revised by a committee that was chosen by voting at the summit. We were all inspired by the enthusiasm of organizers, of their ideas and plans to make top-notch competitions in HMB sport. We appreciate all the efforts of every single person participated and we even awarded one promising tournament separately from the fund. It was really hard to make a decision and it took much more time than expected, but here it is – official list of first-ever HMB 1st class tournaments in the world:

EUROPE: Iron Clash Tournament, August 29-30, 2015, France.
Organizers: Auvergne Béhourd, French Béhourd Federation. Detailed information about the event is available at:

SOUTH AMERICA: Copa First Class HMB Argentina, August 29-30, 2015, Argentina.
Organizers: HMB Argentina, Federación Argentina de Combate Medieval. Detailed information about the event is available at:

NORTH AMERICA: HMB California Classic, September 5-6, 2015, USA.
Organizers: David Dixon. Detailed information about the event is available at:

These tournaments have been awarded a grant from the fund.
At least one 5-men team from TOP-3 HMB countries in the world will join the event and will share their experience.
The knight marshal of each tournament will be experienced HMBIA accredited marshal.
The main task for organizers is to demonstrate their mastership and show the world real 1st class HMB events. According to our mission and values, all tournaments will meet the main requirements:

• Each tournament has to be open to all
• Each tournament will be held according to international rules and regulations of HMBIA

Moreover, at least five local and one foreign teams in “5 vs 5″ category will participate in the event. Fighting will take place on the fenced lists.

More information about HMB 1st class tournaments coming soon.

HMBIA team

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania