History Made in Brazil

03 Aug 2019 23:35
July, 20. It was a remarkable day for HMB in Brazil. In Sao Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world, medieval energy is quite alive. The indoor sporting arena Ibirapuera Gymnasium hosted second edition of Copa São Paulo de Combates Medievais, this time a Buhurt Challenger tournament. But, yes, a lot of firsts.

For the first time:
– an Argentinian team traveled to another country under Buhurt League;
– Brazil hosted its neighbours “Hermanos”;
– Buhurt League in São Paulo;
– a female international tournament in Brazil;
– South American profights;
– a live streaming from History Channel broadcasted worldwide.


And for the very first time Brazilian fighters were being watched by thousands of spectators.

It was a massive fighting day during the Copa São Paulo de Combates Medievai with such categories as Longsword, Sword and Shield for male and female, Profights and 5 vs 5.

There were no surprises in the Sword and Shield category. Fábio Toniolo “Encantado” whose nickname can be translated as Charming, the same name that has a character from the Shrek film, won first place. Encantado, also the first in brazilian ranking, was followed by Tiago Danielie “Aríete” (battering ram) in second place, and João Olivieri “Lancelot”  in third place. All the fighters belong to the same team, the Company of the Silver Sword.

Longsword category was taken by the new Brazilian sensation, Guilherme Bovo, from Red Company, who fought the same nomination at Battle of the Nations 2019. In second place, Matías Fernandez, from Argentinian team San Isidro Combate Medieval – Stallions. Third place went to Fábio Toniolo “Encantado”.

“It was tough fighting both nominations and working in org team for the tournament. Bovo is becoming a brilliant fighter and Matías was brave and fast. A day of honor and friendship I will never forget”, says Encantado.

Women Sword and Shield got Mirian Santos from team SCAM in first place, the woman who already fought Sergey Ukolov in a friendly profight last year in Brazil. Second and third places went to Argentinean Carolina Lavizzari and Karina Pereira, both from San Isidro Combate Medieval.
“Mirian is incredible. A fierce rhythm of sword strikes, unstoppable. It’s not hard to count their blows, due to a massive sound of clash. For me she is like Storm, from X-Men”, says Daniel Felipe, Brazilian marshal who was inside the lists the whole day.

Daniel was helped by experienced Argentinean marshals Roxana de Miauro and Eduardo Miauro, along with other Brazilian marshal trainees, that are preparing themselves for the next Summit.

After that, it was time for Buhurt. Hard fights, but invincible SCAM remained undefeated. Beating all their opponents, they became champions, again, followed by Red Company and Silver Guard (Buhurt team for Silver Sword Company).

Argentinian team SICoM-Stallions was tough and had one victory, but remained at fourth position. Not bad for incredible heroes that traveled for 40 hours in a bus, arrived in São Paulo and entered the lists a couple of hours later. It was an olympic effort.

Profights results were as follows:
– Henrique Merlotto “Conan” (86 kg) challenged the Super Heavyweight Fabio Tadalafellas (96 kg) beating Fabio by knockout at first round. Victory for Silver Sword.
– One fight for Super Heavyweight between Argentinians Juan “Pequeño” and Max “Titan”, where the first got the victory after 3 tough rounds. Both from San Isidro Combate Medieval.
– Small tournament for Medium Weight with Matías Fernandez and Daniel Lucero from SICoM and Jordan Vianna from SCAM. Jordan, who also was elected Most Valuable Fighter in 5 vs 5 category, got two victories and took Profight medals to his undefeated team.

It was a date to remember celebrated with a long barbecue made with all teams and org team, reviving moments in the battlefield, sharing songs and games, laughs and deeds, love and friendship.
During two days after the tournament org team of Silver Sword was delivering food that was donated by more than 2.000 people who attended the event, taking it to public schools and religious centers that make charity.

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