Historicum: family company created by fighters for fighters

21 Feb 2021 19:29

We continue to introduce you to The Artisans and Craftsmen People Choice Award competition nominees. The competition is held among the most demanded and popular masters in the HMB community, where, at the selection stage, everyone can nominate their favorite master or workshop.

We remind you that we are talking about all those elements of the image that complement the HMB set – shoes, textiles, jewelry, shields.

Today HMBIA News will tell you about the Polish workshop Historicum. This is a small family business of Kamila and Andzej Studencki.


“We are a small family company created by fighters for fighters. We work at a workshop with my husband Andzej Studencki and a few coworkers. With almost 10 years’ experience in fights and participating in multiple tournaments around the world, we do our best to create items which will satisfy our customers and most importantly we want to treat them as members of our family, not only single persons which order items”, Kamila told us.

Historicum has been working for almost 10 years and specializes in the manufacturing of armor, weapons, authentic costume, footwear, accessories, creating custom paintings on armour, shields and materials. During this time, the spouses have accepted and completed thousands of orders. What is the secret of such a long life of a small enterprise?

Contact with customers no matter if they are just asking questions, need advice or during the order procedure or in progress part of the order”, answered Kamila Studencka. 

It is always interesting for them in the workshop, because every order here is unusual, – says Kamila. Each thing is unique, because it is created exactly the way this particular customer wants to see it, it is sewn according to their individual measurements and another item of the same kind may not exist. They do our best to treat each client as individually as possible.

“There were many situations where there were mistakes related to misunderstandings (more often due to a language barrier) with customers who wanted to ask us to do something specific with the goods they ordered. For example, make it in a different shade or with other accessories. As for non-standard orders: only the invention of our customers creates borders of this word. There were some models of very historical but strange looking boots, belts, colorful clothes with detailed heraldry, or paintings on armour which we should not show before kids go to bed”.

However, let’s go back to the standard-looking type of products, which are made in the workshop. In particular, we became interested in how an important part of an authentic costume is produced here, which should be historical, comfortable, natural and healthy. We asked Kamila to tell you exactly how they sew shoes in their workshop.

“Our shoes are made to measure. We need specific measurements of the length, width and contour of the foot to make the sole and base of the shoe fit correctly on the foot. The leather we use is naturally highlighted and sewn with a special thread that does not break as easily as the base one. The soles that we make fully comply with the current regulations of the HMBIA Authenticity Committee, so all fighters can relax, they can use them inside and outside the lists.

Here they make sure that all products clearly comply with the current rules and regulations of HMB sports.

So, the recipe for the success of this workshop is:

– attention to the client;
– attention to detail;
– product quality;
– compliance with the regulations of the HMBIA Authenticity Committee;

Adhering to these rules, this workshop will delight us with its high-quality and beautiful products for many, many years to come. And we remind you that the Historicum workshop participates in our The Artisans and Craftsmen People Choice Award among the most on-demand and popular masters in the HMB community competition. Later, the nominees of our audience will be able to compete for the title of the most well-loved master of the HMB community and receive a special recognition.

Social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Historicum
Instagram: Historicum.pl
Website: http://www.historicum.pl/

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