Henrikas Viteika (UK): “The almighty internet and big group of friends helped a lot…”

04 Jul 2016 14:33

HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nation” consists of several parts. Authenticity is the one of the most impotant parts as it is Historical Medieval Battle. So one of the non-fighting nominations in this tournament devoted to medieval civil clothes. This year the winner of “Best men’s authentic costume” nomination is Henrikas Viteika from UK.

HMBIA News decided to figure out all the details about his gourgeous costume. But first of all we wanted to know more details about Henrikas Viteika himself and now we can tell it to you. He started medieval fighting in 2004, HMB did not exist at this time. He started from LARP but it was too soft for our guy. After some time Henrikas saw a video of buhurt on the internet which influenced him to look for local clubs and he has become an official member of HMB in 2014.

History is in the head of all? Of course! And he decided to take part in non-fighting nomination as well and won a first price!

Henrikas Viteika:
“I ordered the clothing from a very talented lady from Poland. The houppeland made from 100% Duponi silk, a hat made from felt and silk.

Under houppeland I wear linen cotehardie.

Woolen hoses and my footwear called poleyns are very popular in 14th centuries. My shoes have been made in Ukraine and the remaining accessories come all the way from Moldova, Belarus, Germany and Ukraine.

I wasn’t actually making it, but the process itself required a lot of time and effort. The almighty internet and big group of friends helped a lot. When I became the winner of the competition I felt excitement and happiness. It was quite stressful to wait until the results were announced knowing how much time I spent on this project. but thank god for Czech beer! In the beginning I thought there was one big competition for male and female costumes. When I’ve seen Dorota’s dress, I thought thats it’s game over for me, but I have later found out about separate male and female categories which brought a smile on my face. My main opponents on the day were Enea from Italy and Piotr from Poland whose costumes were great”.

Henrikas promised to work hard to increase the level of authenticity in HMBIA. The whole aim of HMB is for people to compete with each other wearing authentic/historical kit (not modern kit) because this is our unique way to show the passion for history and fighting.

Henrikas also told us that his vision for this costume has been fulfilled.

Henrikas Viteika:
“There are few more elements that could be upgraded, but I don’t think it will be as impresive as it was this year, so I will most certainly be making a new project for next year. I’m so glad that my family supports me in what I do. I do this hobbie/sport for over 12 years now, almost half of my life ( im 29 now), so for them it is a natural everyday thing. They support me because they like it and think it’s cool”.

So, Henrikas Viteika, HMBIA News also think that you are cool and we were glad to meet you. Can`t wait to see your new authentic costume next year. Wishing you inspiration and good luck!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania