Harris, New Zealand: “I did yelp a little in my helmet when he stood on me and said “please, don’t use that, ok?”

09 Dec 2014 09:10


“Battle of the Nations”-2014

The most memorable fights we had this year were against the Ukraine and Poland teams. They were both very strong opponents and kicked our arses really quickly, we didn’t fight either of them in 2013 and it was a lot of fun, I would have to say though out of the both of them. The fight against Poland… I remember the most as one of their fighters stood on my injured foot before the fight (our last fight if I remember correctly). I had been hit on the big toe and it hurt like heck, but I was not going to limp away till we had finished for the day. I did yelp a little in my helmet when he stood on me and said “please, don’t use that, ok?” He laughed and said “yeah”. Then they proceeded to kick us out of the tourney (but no one hit my foot again).

I think we were around 16th place which for us is a result to be happy about. It was only our second year and we fought some strong teams, the hardest part for us was only having 5 fighters to begin with. When we lost one to injury however we did manage to find some help as there was a person who had not fought for any of the teams before so we were able to add him to our team to bring us back to five, without that our team would have continued to fight but would not have made it as far.

One of the best things for us at “Battle of the Nations”-2014, I think, was that it rained just before we came out to fight the first time; it was so hot before then and the rain cooled things down.

It was really interesting seeing all the teams we had met before and watching their progress.


Justin Harris,
fighter of “Wellington Full Contact Medieval Combat” club,
fighter of the National Team of New Zealand

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania