Hai Long Tun Cup: a historic breakthrough towards HMB development in China

22 Oct 2018 22:33
The beginning of October was very hot in China as on 2-3 October this country held the first Buhurt League tournament Hai Long Tun Cup. This event had an international status as russian and australian teams took part in it.
The main organizer of the tournament Gao Peng and his team found the perfect place for the event – the Hailongtun Fortress of Zunyi city, which was an ancient military fortress of Ming dynasty. It was the place where the famous battle called “The insurgency of Bozhou (????)” happened, and over 20 thousand people died during it. These days, for 420 years after, there was another clash again. But this time it was the tournament in historical medieval battle and no one got hurt.

Do the math: Hai Long Tun Cup lasted for 2 days with 5 categories, 9 clubs, 37 fighters, over 880 thousand live viewers on the first day and 1.68 million viewers on the second isn’t that impressive?

On the first day, 5 teams fought in buhurt 5vs5: Old Friends from Russia, Australian All Stars, Half-Ton, Southwest Union, Black Flag. This day came to an end with the victory of the Old Friends team from Russia, the second place got Australian team and Half-Ton got the third.

On the second day, there were fights in men`s Polearm duel, and profight with weight categories: 75 kg, 75~95 kg, 95+ kg. Profights were followed “Battle of the Nations” rules but weapons using WMFC’s 30 formula.

Polearm Duel?
1st – Iurii Samoilov (RUS)
2nd – Kang Lu (CHN)
3rd – Lee John Harris (AUS)

Profight ?75kg
1st – Maksim Iun (RUS)
2nd – Yang Huiyong (CHN)
3rd – Gu Chong, Hu Yilei (CHN)

Profight 75~95kg
1st – Iurii Samoilov (RUS)
2nd – Artem Vasilev (RUS)
3rd – Robert Peter Haye (AUS)

Profight 95+kg
1st – Evgeny Gladkov (RUS)
2nd – Jacob Alexander Nigel Taylor (AUS)
3rd – Kang Lu (CHN)

The tournament had a great success, so its organisation team is planning to make it twice a year.

Gao Peng:
“The sponsor got confidence and deep interest about HMB sport, so they want to make it twice a year, in March and October maybe. I think that organization of the tournament in China is my biggest mission of this year, can’t believe that we made it. This is a huge step for Chinese HMB and Buhurt China – our national federation. For this tournament, I had to miss the HMBIA General Assembly in Serbia, but I think now it is a big gift to HMBIA, it was worth it!”

Gao Peng also thanked to Chinese Armor League and Guizhou Chuan Qi culture operations & management Pty. Ltd: “Without your help, there would be no Hai Long Tun Cup”.

So everyone will be waiting for the next Hai Long Tun Cup and organisation team hopes that next time they will see even more fighters.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania