Guests of “Battle of the Nations”-2014 will be offered maps and 3D-models

27 Apr 2014 10:42

Guests and participants of “Battle of the Nations“-2014 will be offered brochures and maps with information about the festival.

The info was conveyed by Marina Amelokhina, Head of HMBIA PR & marketing committee.

“We will make brochures with the schedule of events, information about interesting historic events, safety rules and rules of behavior,” said Amelokhina. “In particular, people have to understand that the festival area has authentic camps of our teams where people live… You cannot just go there and touch everything. We have a set of simple rules of conduct concerning the territory of authentic camps, although participants always let in the guests, allow them to take pictures or try on some armor.”

In addition, guests of “Battle of the Nations”-2014 will be able to use maps, both printed and digital ones. “We use all the modern methods of communication. In particular, we’ll offer 3D-models allowing to see all the objects of the venue,” added Marina Amelokhina.



Marina Nagornaya


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania