Glendinning, the United Kingdom. “Fitness and fitness again!” is the key point learned by our team”

10 Oct 2014 12:00

I think, our team learned a lot after participation in the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2014. For many of our guys, including myself, it was the first full-contact fighting in armor. It was the lesson we had to learn from the very first.

“Fitness and fitness again!” is the key point learned by our team. Also, as it turned out, teamwork is important on the lists.

After the completion of the Championship, our guys are working hardly trying to develop their skills. They regularly participate in tournaments as fighters, gain experience. And they are doing well. One of the tournaments they attended was «Bloodstock Open Air Festival», held in Derbyshire in August 2014. The team showed all the skills learned in Croatia. The fights the guys had were great!

Participating in «Bloodstock Open Air Festival»-2014, our team had a few novices who fought well.

Having participated in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014, I understood that the starting point for any novice fighter engaged in HMB sport should be regular training aimed at strength development, it’s very important! The point should be taken seriously, otherwise your team will be able to deliver only a couple of sword blows on the lists, at best :).

Darren Glendinning,
fighter of the National Team of United Kingdom


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