Giulio Castruccio, Italy: “HMB is a part of my life”

09 Jan 2018 18:48
Giulio Castruccio from Italy came to HMB sport not so long time ago. Everything started for him in Trogir in 2014 where he came as a supporter of his National team. Italian guy fell in love with this tough and adrenalin sport and began to train. He joined “Iron Tower” HMB-club. From that time he already tried himself as an HMB marshal and fighter. And now he understood that he prefered the blue cottarm of the National team. He is willing to improve himself all the time and works hard to become one of the best.
Giulio Castruccio:
“In 2017 I’ve participated in a Half dozen of tournaments across the Europe, the results were good but improvable. About training I just can say that every day is good for train and my advise is simply to listen to stronger fighter than helps you to improve your skills under every point of view – psychical training, tactics and equipment. If your’re smart enough to follow effective tips, you’ve done half of the work”.
Not every fighter has a marshals experience and can see the fight fron the other side. Giulio had such opportunity and did it well, but he choose the weapon: “Well, my time as marshal is over for now, I want to focus only on fighting from now to the moment that will not be more able to fight. I find more interesting to fight now”.

One of the most interesting things about the life of HMB movement members it`s what does they do in “real” life. But let`s remember, that most of them made HMB – their “real” life. As for Giulio – he loves playing rugby and for now he works as a CNC operator, tomorrow…. who knows. But one thing he knows for sure – HMB is an important part of his life.

Giulio Castruccio:
“For me HMB it’s a part of my life, I see it as a good movement were get involved for: see beautiful places and meet interesting and genuine people of course even in this part of my life there are difficulties but it’s the price to pay for a life worth to be lived”.

In the end HMBIA News have to mention that the most memorable thing for Giulio was his first HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” where he was part of the National team of Italy.

HMBIA News thanks Giulio Castruccio for the interview and wish him more good tips, more tough fights and more experienced opponents on the list.

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