Gajdošík, Czech Republic: “We had the most crucial time with New Zealand”

26 Mar 2015 11:42

“Battle of the Nations”-2014:


I was really surprised by the debut of Mexican team, because they fought really well. Other team which surprised me was Argentina. The guys had really improved all their skills compared to the previous “Battle of the Nations” and defeating them was really harder this time. I remember almost everything, because I like the movement and people in it.

We had the most crucial time with New Zealand, because that was a decisive fight for us for the right to continue our participation and we really wanted to win. Sadly, we made some mistakes and referees had to withdraw two of our fighters, one of them was me. I really want to fight with them again to show we could win. I also hope that the next “Battle of the Nations” we will meet at least one of the top teams in “5 vs 5”.

Tomáš Gajdošík,
fighter of “SKSKBP” club (Sportovní klub st?edov?kého kontaktního boje Praha),
fighter of the National Team of Czech Republic


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania