Friesland’s national team will participate in “Battle of the Nations”-2014 on its own

07 Apr 2014 12:39

Friesland’s national team has got the right to take part in “Battle of the Nations-2014″ independently.

The information was conveyed by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations.

Previously, as he said, independent participation of the Frisians was a disputable issue, as it was unclear (taking into account the territory where they live) why they didn’t want to represent the team of Germany or Holland.

“We spent a lot of time communicating with their captain, Michael Tegge. And recently we’ve received an official inquiry from the consul of Friesland concerning the possibility of participation of the team in the World Championship on historical medieval battles “Battle of the Nations.”It allowed us to take them as a national team,” said Tsymbal.

He noted that the Frisians, being a minority recognized by the European Union, have asserted their right for independent participation in various sports competitions, including basketball, football, volleyball and others. Now they live in Germany, Holland and Denmark, but strongly stress their national identity.Team Friesland consists of about a dozen fighters, including one woman.

Christina Korneva
“HMBIA News”

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1st-4th July
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