Frank Døkkr Norðri: “Our goal is to gain experience and bring back home for teaching our new fighters”

22 May 2014 12:09
People of HMB movement 
Frank Døkkr Norðri,
captain of the National Team of Switzerland
…concerning his Team 

We are purposeful but young Team from Switzerland. There are not many people practicing medieval reenactment in our country. There are many theater groups,
but they don’t practice even light fighting. There’s no full contact fighting at all. It means we still have many difficulties with fighters searching, because not many have at least minimum experience. Some guys come and try medieval battles with us, but in the end they say “no, thank you”.

We’ve managed to get the minimal number of fighters for “Battle of the Nations”-2014. We have 5 fighters, but we are still searching for someone as reserve, because it is important to have someone who can help the team in case of problems.
We will take part in the “5 vs 5” category and one fighter from the buhurt team will also fight in the “1 vs 1” category. And we will try to do our best! I can’t say we’re strong team, but we go to Trogir just to test ourselves and see what we will have to change. We hope this event will give us more experience and possibility to find new fighters.

Our combat captain is Sandro, the guy who was the first to propose the idea of gathering the National Team. When he asked me to help him, knowing he couldn’t deal with everything due to his lack of organizational skills, he first asked me to be a captain of fighters. When I organized almost everything in our National Team, I became the organizer and responsible for everything. That’s why we don’t have one captain. The captain is the boss of the fighters on the battlefield, and this is Sandro. The boss of the fighters is not the responsible person for the whole National Team organization. There is another person, who actually cares about everything, and it’s me. My actual
duty is carrying of our Team. We’re developing, but once the team is completely formed we will see if the team needs to change combat captain or responsible person.

We are not going to participate in women nomination this year. Our only female fighter wouldn’t be able to go to BN this year. But she has already tried to fight and participated in one big competition. She said she would continue practicing the sport with us. So next year we hope that Switzerland will be represented in this category.

It’s a great and important step! We don’t expect a lot of medals. We just hope to have interesting and memorizing fights. Have some fun, meet new and old friends, see how our organization will work and gain experience to bring back home to teach our new fighters. We can just hope to gain such things there in Croatia. Plus, of course, to have a great summer week in general.

Interview by
Elisabeth Irha

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