France will show new faces of its National team

08 Apr 2017 13:50
The National team of France has been taking part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” for many years. This time they will come to Barcelona as well. The French Selection tournament took place in the end of March and it was full of surprises. HMBIA News got more details about the 2017 team from Edouard Eme, captain of the National team of France.

Edouard Eme: “Selections were good and interesting. We have an unusual national team this year. It is full of new fighters. The southern team “Becuts de Gascogne” won the qualification tournament for the first time, while they had never been in the top 3 before. Many veterans are missing, so it will be a leap into the unknown”! 

Audience will see real gasconian musketeers in action in such categories as “5vs5″, “21vs21″, “3vs3″ (female) and “1vs1″, except “Polearm”. Edouard Eme himself is also planning to fight, but, as we all know, captains usually have a lot of duties beside fights.

Edouard Eme: “I’m planning to participate as a fighter in “21vs21″. Also, I will manage the fighters and supports, file appeals to the marshals, coach the fighters, implement tactical leadership, etc…”
HMBIA wishes the French team many interesting fights and a lot of new experience. Can’t wait to see them on the list of “Battle of the Nations” -2017.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania