First results of the HMB Soft Championship

07 Dec 2019 16:06

The HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs started today in Riga, Latvia. This is already the 3rd edition of the Championship and the organizers committee note that with each year more and more participants come for medals. The Championship itself is developing also. This year the group category was added and it was decided to spread  the tournament for 2 days. The first day of the competition was reserved for individual fights. The sports part of the Championship today began with the battles of the youngest participants. Young athletes of the age group of 10-11 years fought for places on the podium.

Individual Fight Results
Аge group 10-11
Kosmacheva Anastasia
Chinkina Catherine
Zhidkova Polina

Malich Vladislav
Deev Sergey
Akishin Ivan

Congratulations to the winners!

The Championship was continued by the age group of 12-13 years. The battles were bright and technical, and the intrigue remained until the very last battle in the group.The results of the battles in this age category are as follows:
Falkowska Joanna
Burmistrova Alina
Litovchenko Alexandra

1. Lukas Maffre
2. Florian Henault-Dano
3. Brekhov Egor

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants in the categories for great fights.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania