First Class HMB Tournaments Foundation

02 Dec 2014 17:35

As you know, last weekend HMBIA held annual summit of association. During the first day of summit there was among others – Tournament Committee session.

There were a lot of hot discussions on major topics, and there was also one BIG surprise. President of HMBIA announced about the establishment of a “First Class HMB Tournaments Foundation”. This is a foundation with 20,000€ in the pool, and this money will be spent on support of 1-5 tournaments and reaching the “First Class” status tournaments. Aim of this project not only to support and develop some specific tournaments, but also to assist HMB tournaments globalization.

All organizers of tournaments are welcome to send their applications to open tender. Challenge among tournaments will be divided into continents.

Therefore, 1-2 tournaments in Europe and Asia, 1-2 in North America, 1 in South America and Africa, and 1 in Australia-New Zealand have a chance to prove that they worth of proud name “First Class HMB tournament” and a piece of 20,000€ of course.

By what criterias will tournaments be evaluated and who will make decisions? This question was also solved at the HMBIA summit 2014. Participants of the summit put this responsibility on a jury or a special committee and places in this jury were taken by:
Heinrich Wurzian, Austria
Eugen Galushin, Russian Federation
Allan Schiller, Denmark
Tomas Gajdosik, Czech Republic
Anton Trubnikov, Ukraine

Want to participate in this challenge? As always, we have only 2 mandatory requirements:
1. Tournament must be open to all participants.
2. Tournament should use HMBIA International rules and regulations.

If you fulfil the requirements then send an application in a free from to our e-mail:

Tell about the history of your event, or how do you see it if it’ll be brand new; venue and approximate dates; provide technical details about the tournament, information about things that you provide to participants and of course – tell us how will you spend the money if your tournament will win a tender.

Deadline for applications – 31.12.2014, 23:59 UTC.
Results will be announced in early 2015.

Don’t miss your chance!

HMBIA team

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania