Finnish greetings and 2021 expectations

04 Jan 2021 19:15

A Christmas party at home with family is a traditional way to celebrate this holiday in Finland. Teemu Laiho, the National HMB representative of Finland and the Päijät-Häme Medieval Combat team captain did not change traditions this year. The holiday turned out to be warm, homely and joyful.

Christmas was relaxing, including good time with family, a bit of training and a lot of Christmas food”.

In addition, Päijät-Häme Medieval Combat has already developed another tradition related to the New Year holidays: this team celebrates Christmas in January for the second year in a row. Teemu explains this by the fact that in December all team members are usually busy with work and holidays preparations. This year the team has not yet had time to celebrate Christmas together, but last year’s party was really fun! 

First we had a laser tag war and then we made food, ate and went to the sauna. After that we played games and chatted the rest of the day. Good and relaxing day”, said Teemu.

Of course, Teemu also sends his Merry Christmas and Happy New Year congratulations. And this is a real HMB greetings:

“I wish Merry Christmas to all fighters, supporters, marshals and organizers in the HMB community! And even better New Year 2021, let’s hope it will be our comeback to normal Fight and Travel we all miss so much!”

We also miss the tournaments, the clash of steel,  the shouts of support from the stands, the solemn entry of teams to the lists during the opening ceremony of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. We look forward to bringing all of this back to us!

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