Finland-Ukraine: the great fight

03 May 2018 13:28
Teemu Laiho, a captain of the National Team of Finland was so excited after the fight with Ukrainian team they faced in their group: “It was a really tough fight. We were prepared very well. We knew that it will be hard and gave our best for this fight. I have to say that Ukrainians have a great level of fighting, but we are close.”
Teemu liked all their opponents in the group. They are fascinating, but Finish captain noticed that his team is the second in the group and that means that they go on fighting.
“We are eagerly waiting what is going ahead of us, we are waiting for fights in other groups, and we are checking, who will be against us and will make another plan how we going to face them, win them and go on to quarterfinal and so on”.
So let`s wait for the awards ceremony and we will have to see.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania