Female “Polearm”: USA vs Ukraine

04 May 2018 18:22
The “Polearm” female category took place on the second day of the competitions. One of the fights was USA vs Ukraine. Lisa Gally met Olga Grabovskaya. This fight was hard for Lisa, because Olga is a skilled and experienced HMB athlete that already has a title of the World Champion in the “Longsword” duels this year. Liza told that she is up to any fighter. Every opponent is an opportunity to fight. It`s experience – you learn from everybody but, as you can see, it is always interesting to fight with the champion. Lisa won this fight.
Olga Grabovskaya also told that it was great to fight with Lisa. So, these strong and skilled female fighters had a great time combating each other, doing their favorite thing – showing a class in the mastery of possession of a polearm.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania