Female marshals might appear at “Battle of the Nations”-2014

18 Apr 2014 13:56

Organizers of  the Battle of the Nations are considering the possibility of women’s participation in the marshal team.

The information was conveyed by Anton Trubnikov, HMBIA President.

“It’s still an open question. It will be discussed at a summit which is to be held in Prague on May 9-11. So far, we’ve had no women in the marshal team, but we’ve also had no official women’s category. Now it exists, and it’s logical if it is refereed by women,” said HMBIA President.

In particular, the idea is very interesting to captain of Team Argentina, Andy di Francesca.

“Andy is a very active representative of HMB movement, she’s a captain, participant of the women’s category, she also works for the public relations committee. And she is eager to be a marshal,” said Anton Trubnikov.

Marina Nagornaya

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania