Female fighters will participate in triathlon, professional fights and friendly buhurts

29 May 2014 16:41

HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 will give women an opportunity to take part not only in the official “1 vs 1″ category, but professional fights and buhurts which organization has been made possible thanks to Mikhail Morgulis, captain of the National Team of Israel.

The information was conveyed by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations.

“This year we have only one official female category, namely triathlon. But, as it has turned out, women’s desire to fight goes far beyond triathlon… Being guided by this fact and his goodwill, Mikhail Morgulis has taken on additional responsibilities. He gathers women to participate not only in the official category, i.e. in professional fights and buhurts. Mikhail organizes female friendly buhurts “3 vs 3″ and “1 vs 1″ fights, and he has a lot of willing women. By the way, anyone who wants to take part in professional fights, please contact Misha, he will add you to the list, and we will be glad to hold those fights. Women will have an opportunity to experience the beauty of our fights on the training, or even the main lists,” said Tsymbal.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania