Fastest Sword Challenge winners: an introduction

10 Mar 2021 12:03

The Fastest Sword Challenge for HMB women is over, the top 3 participants have been announced and congratulations are accepted. HMBIA News decided to introduce winners to our readers and once again congratulate them on behalf of our editorial office. We would like to start with the winner of the competition.

Nataliia Shirdel (Ukraine, Tangar HMB club) got first place in the Fastest Sword Challenge. Her result is 49 clear sword strikes in 20 seconds.

The result is particularly impressive as Nataliia has only been training in HMB for a relatively short time. She came to our sport in 2017, but, according to her, she did not practice regularly. However, 2020 was marked by active and regular training.

“So unexpected and pleasant! Of course, the girls’ results were impressive and I was not sure of my victory until the very end.
Many thanks for such an opportunity to the organizers, participants and everyone involved! ”

The girl was also a member of the HMB Ukraine team at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2018. As Nataliia admits, she does not have a favorite category, she just enjoys the fight and, of course, enjoys victories. After winning the Challenge, she does not intend to stop, realizing that she still has many sports peaks to conquer:

“There is a space to grow and strive. Everything is ahead! My team and I will definitely celebrate it, but I think that we will combine the celebration of victory with the birthday of Igor Magdenko, captain of our Tangar HMB club; without him all this would not have been possible ”.


Nataliia said that during the entire Challenge she felt unbelievable support from her teammates and family. She especially thanks Alexander Vasilinich for his help in preparations for the Challenge.

On behalf of the editorial staff, we once again congratulate Nataliia Shirdel on her victory and thank her coaches for preparing an excellent HMB athlete!



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1st-4th July
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