Fastest Sword Challenge: fantastic She-Wolf from the USA

11 Mar 2021 19:52

Shoshana Shellans from the USA finished our Fastest Sword Challenge with the silver and fantastic results of 48 clear sword strikes in 20 seconds. 

If by some chance you are not familiar with this warrior, we are happy to tell you more about her. Shoshana represents the She-Wolves HMB club. She has been involved in steel sports since 2017.

I am delighted that everyone of my attempted strikes was counted by the HMB marshals scoring this challenge; I feel more confident about my striking technique as I approach my first BotN and I feel proud to be counted among the other strong HMB women that entered. Unfortunately my team and family is spread out for hundreds (even thousands) of miles, but the warm congratulations over the phone and social media have made me feel very appreciated”, said Shoshana. 

The video that brought her a solid second place was an adventure, and it’s great that this adventure had a happy ending!

“My assistant, Marcin, recorded several of my attempts before we realized the video had to include the sword measurements in the same take. Luckily the first correct video we recorded was close enough to my previous attempts, so we submitted it”.

This success is quite natural, because Shoshana prefers fighting in duels. She said that she has a favorite category and we agree with her, the fights here are graceful and high-energy, and require top training from the fighter:

“My favorite HMB category to compete in is Sword and Shield because the mechanics come more naturally to me than with other categories; however, I love watching skilled profights!” confessed Shoshana. 

On behalf of the editorial staff, we once again congratulate Shoshana Shellans on her victory and can’t wait to meet her in the lists of big international HMB tournaments as soon as possible!



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania