Eugen Heinrich: “The main thing for the beginner is to survive the first year”

18 May 2015 13:35

The camp of the Germans was one of the most atmospheric at the festival. Here fighters from the other teams were given a friendly welcome, and little fighting secrets were frankly shared. To ignore such a source of information would probably be a mistake.

About the championship

“We train thoroughly wearing armor in Hattersheim, a suburb of Frankfurt am Main, and keep waiting that one day it will come to fruition. We need more experience, more such Championships as the “Battle of the Nations”. Unfortunately, the level of other competitions in our movement is not as high, but we aren’t ready to just be thankful for small favors”.

About the organization

“This year’s large lists was the perfect venue for “5 vs 5″ – nowhere to run, stand your ground, and fight to the bitter end. Of course, we had to solve a lot of issues, to provide the organizing Committee with all necessary information, and all this was at the last moment, but it was worth it”.

About Prague

I heard Prague might become a regular venue for the championship. If so, a lot of preparation problems would be easily fixed on the basis of this year experience.

About armor

“Our freshmen’s armor is so thick, because the main thing for the beginner is to survive the first year. Then the personality of the fighter develops, as long as he or she understands what is what.
At the same time, we wear a knitted glove under the shield, so as not to add weight to the arm. From under the shield it is not visible, and the glove has a protective plate, which makes it look like an integral part of the armor, so that the marshals don’t mind.”

About the rules

“Before I moved to Germany, I played hockey, and I can say that there is no way HMB can borrow hockey rules regarding the disqualification, and make them work. There is no rear vision, and if your back is covered by your teammate, he will either hit the enemy, or the enemy will hit him, and then you’ll know it. If this teammate is removed from the lists, the balance of power changes. Besides, it’s not an hour-long hockey game: there’s no comparison. In Germany there was a case when a guy was sent off from the lists, one might say that it was for reason – an unpleasant situation. If two are in a clinch, in my opinion, both of them should be sent off.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania