Ernesto Brodella Sampaio: “… having the opportunity to carry the brazilian and my team’s flag is amazing”

23 Dec 2019 13:43
This year the young athlete Ernesto Brodella Sampaio from The Silver Sword Company HMB club, Brazil participated in HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs in Riga and won in the “Breakthrough of the year in duels” category. It was the first such high level competition for Ernesto and he got into hard group after the draw:
“I could learn a lot, the fights were amazing, they are very fast and active. My opponents were all russians. They are great fighters. I wish that I can be as good as they are. That’s why I`m training like crazy. It would be an honor to participate in the HMB Soft World Championship next year, having the opportunity to carry the brazilian and my team’s flag is amazing”.
Fábio Toniolo, the brazilian successful duel HMB fighter and Ernestos` trainer helped him a lot before the competitions and he gave a priceless support during the Championship:
“My captain, he is one of the greatest persons I’ve ever met, I see him as an older brother, he always supports me in every fight. One of my greatest inspirations”, – told us Ernesto.
Also he told about his new friends that he had met during the Championship:
“I’ve met a Russian kid named Roman, who got 3rd place in duels and 5vs5, met a German, the Polish team, and the Latvian team. I’m very grateful to meet these fighters and great people.
By the way, Riga is his first european city and our Ernesto is deep impressed. He had an opportunity to explore this city during 3 days before the start of the HMB Soft Championship and he saw enough to enjoy the city from the bottom of his heart:
“Riga is fantastic. I loved every bit of it. From the shopping mall to the old town. The trip was great but I missed home”.

Now Ernesto has a little time to relax and train hard for the right to represent his country on the HMB Soft World Championship next year.
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1st-4th July
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