Eme, France: “The French have worthily brought the spirit of Joan of Arc with strength and valor…”

06 Jul 2016 11:46

Battle of the Nations-2016 came to an end and HMBIA News continue to ask members of HMB-movement all around the world about their impressions. So here is the new article from the series on a variety of impressions of the tournament.

We have written wrote an article in this series about the impressions and experience of the french national team captain Edouard Eme.

According to fighters from the teams that were opponents for french fighters, they became more experienced, more tough and skilled. Edouard Eme told us about all the changes that happened to his team during this year and about lessons that he got this time.

Edouard Eme, captain of the National team of France:
“The “21vs21″, was less successful than last year, the team of France has still managed to beat the team of the United States, against which the team had stumbled in 2015. The loss to UK inevitably leaves a bitter taste, which should lead to a generalization of a real contention in the “21vs21″ at national level and increase the overall level of fighting”.

French captain told us about victories and drubbing in other categories as well.

Edouard Eme:
“”France 1″, fighting with ferocity, brings France its first victory against Belarus. “France 2″ was distinguished by their tenacity, leading heroic resistance during rounds of 5 minutes sometimes against their Polish opponents. Finally, the team “France 3″ offered us a spectacular fight against “Ukraine 3″, won after three rounds, the first was won 3-0 by our champions. Our fighters led our highest flag in the competition, winning a third place in female “3vs3″, giving France its first world championship bronze medal. The fight was tough against the Polish team strengthened by an Australian and an Israeli. The French have worthily brought the spirit of Joan of Arc with strength and valor, and the pride of the French warrior”.

And wise captain didn`t forget to say thanks to all the people that were near and supported the team.

Edouard Eme:
“These victories would not be possible without our supporters, our repairer Olivier Jambot, our osteopath Pierre Devillers, our coordinator Anastasiia Hrinchenko and of course our fans!

HMBIA News also thanks to all this people and to support groups of other teams and wish National team of France stay tough and get new victories!


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