Eme, France: “My goals are related to the fighting”

08 Apr 2015 09:09

– How many men are you going to take to “Battle of the Nations”-2015?

– 37 fighters.

– Are you planning to have a support group? How many people will it consist of?

– I don’t know that at the moment.

– What categories will be taken by your team?

– All.

– Will there be any female fighters in the Team? If yes, specify whether they will participate in the “All vs all” category for women.

– Yes, two. They will participate in the “All vs all.”

– What National Teams would you like to face on the lists?

– Argentina, because everybody is saying now they’ve improved their level, though I haven’t noticed that. So, I would like to see what they’re really worth of fighting against us.

– Who would you like to make friends with beyond the lists?

– With everyone.

– What are your expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015?

– I have visited Prague already, so my goals are related to the fighting. This year I’ve decided to fight only in the “21 vs 21” to manage, coach and support my men 100% during the “5 vs 5” and triathlon. In the “21 vs 21” we aim at reaching the top 5.

Edouard Eme,
captain of “Martel” club (France),
captain of the National Team of France



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania