Elections of the USA National Team Captain. Procedure

30 Sep 2014 11:33

According to HMBIA regulations and taking into account opinion of the USA team veterans, we developed simple and clear Captains elections procedure that might be divided into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1. Nominees for Team’s Captain position.

All candidates for team’s captain position should fill out online application form not later than 15th of October. They will receive their number in a ballot. Captain should have an experience of participation in Battle of the Nations or other international tournaments (IMPORTANT NOTE: as a fighter, organizer, marshal, etc.). All nominees should be accepted by HMB USA.

Application form for candidates – http://goo.gl/lO3nbY

Chapter 2. Voting rights.

All fighters that are willing to participate in voting should fill out online form (not later than 15th of OCT) or offline form in Springfield. Fighters will receive mandates for voting. Those who have already signed up for a team-2015 (about 7-9 persons), all fighters at the ITOC tournament, and also veterans of USA movement that cannot come to Springfield will receive mandates.

Application form for participation in voting – http://goo.gl/gwwh0Q

Chapter 3. Voting.

Voting will be held on the 18th of October after presenting speeches of all nominees. Voting will be held both online and offline:

– online: on Facebook (starting 12:00 EST, ending simultaneously with offline voting) for those who received mandates;

– offline: voting by secret ballot in Springfield.

After the end of offline voting, HMBIA officials will count the votes and announce the results in Springfield at the same day.

HMBIA Presidium

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