Edouard Eme, France: Our weapon is “fives”

28 May 2014 13:25

French fighters showed great results and gained new combat experience. As it’s going to be our second time at the Battle of the Nations, I suppose we are more prepared for the event now. The reason – we have been training during all year. So will see 😉

My Team consists of 11 strong and experienced guys and one female fighter Marthe Gondeau. I rely on them, and sure that we are worthy representatives of France. We are going to participate in the “1 vs 1”, “5 vs 5” categories and “Women nomination”. Our weapon is “fives”, and we will try to achieve good results in group work. We have Vincent Jolit who is good with longsword, he will participate in triathlon. Another fighter is Sylvain Liénard. This fighter defeated all his opponents at our qualification tournament. He is a big guy, and his gigantic size is a great advantage. Talking about “5 vs 5” category our team will be mostly composed of fighters from one team, namely “Brotherhood of the Wolves”. This is actually the second best team of France. And they are together already for a few years… So they have great cohesion and desire to win.

And of course the most interesting for us is going to be the meeting with Teams of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on the. These fighters are clearly stronger and more experienced than a lot of the National Teams participating in “Battle of the Nations”. It will be interesting to face them and see their level this year. Waiting for the Championship, I hope we will have a good time there and will bring back a lot of new experience.

Edouard Eme,
captain of National team of France

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania