“Dynamo Cup” this weekend! Do not miss it!

01 Dec 2017 18:26

One of the most prestigious club tournaments in the world – “Dynamo Cup” will start on the 2d of December in Moscow under the brand of the Buhurt League and last 2 days. The tournament got the category “Masters” because of such many teams were registered on it. This year the tournament turns 12 years old – it’s a long time! Traditionally, top teams from all over the world will come to participate – more than 40 teams decided to compete in the Dynamo list.

This year the geography of the tournament has expanded – for the first time fighters from China will take part in it, in addition, there will be representatives of Finland, Estonia, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, New Zealand, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Great Britain and legionaries from the USA.

Also, traditionally, the marshal group of the tournament will include the most experienced Russian and international marshals.

In addition, the list of nominations has expanded – except men’s “5vs5″, “15vs15″ and “HMB Soft”, organizers propose fights in the category “3vs3″ for women. Also everyone will be able to assess the skill of the participants in HEMA – European fencing and knife fight. According to the organizers, the battles will be held non-stop, from morning till evening, and it will be possible to participate in several nominations. There will be held marshal’s seminars and workshops for fighters as well.

Also, notice that the Dynamo Cup -2017 will be held under the auspices of the Buhurt League, the participants will receive additional motivation to show the best results in combat, because this will affect their statistics. Andrey Kiselyus, the main organizer of the tournament, has no doubt that the Buhurt League system will improve the “Dynamo Cup” in statistics: “The League statistic system for all teams will give them the motivation to earn points and take part in tournaments more active. But this is the complicated process and to predict it is also complicated. If the organizers will think ahead of the situation, it will influence on HMB development in the world”.

HMBIA News will publish the results of this tournament and of course you will know about the impressions of participants and organizers after the event.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania