Dynamo Cup – for best of the best

26 Oct 2017 17:48

Dynamo Cup is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. This year it will be held 2-3 of December under the Buhurt League brand as “Masters”.

The most bright, outstanding and “top” teams worldwide come to Dynamo Cup. “If you are not “top” you might be beaten very much”, – Andrew Kiselyus, the tournament organizer told.

The tournament will be held 12th time and it has been reached giantlike progress during this time. Now it has 2 fighting days, a numerous of categories and worldwide geography. The orgteam plans to hold seminars for both marshals and fighters.

Around 40 teams already applied for participation. “But there are no limits, – Andrew told, – we don’t restrict anyone, we are glad to everyone! The more – the best!”

This year the tournament will be firstly visiting fighters from China who joined up with the team from Estonia, and also the team from Finland. Traditionally, teams from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia will visit the tournament, as well as teams from New Zealand, Canada, Check Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Great Britain and legionnaires from the USA.

The list of categories also extended. Loved by everyone “5 vs 5” male, “15 vs 15” male and “HMB Soft” categories have been completed with “3 vs 3” female, HEMA and knife combats. Fights will be held non-stop, from morning till evening, and there will be a possibility to take part in several categories.

Up to 20 marshals will referee at the tournament. Andrew Kiselyus told about the system of marshals’ corpus choosing: “We gather the most professional team, those, who have the biggest experience and who is the most qualified. On the top of that, we aspire to complete an international team. There were no questions for marshaling on Dynamo. We are trying don’t interrupt the fighting process: who is stronger, those the winner”.

No doubts that the Buhurt League system will make a positive influence on Dynamo Cup for the statistic side.

Andrew Kiselyus told about it: “The League statistic system for all teams will give them the motivation to earn points and take part in tournaments more active. But this is the complicated process and to predict it is also complicated. If the organizers will think ahead of the situation, it will influence on HMB development in the world”.

Annually about 300-350 participants take part in the Dynamo Cup. No doubt, this tournament is one of the most important in the HMB-movement, and HMBIA News will be surely watching on its holding.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania