Dynamo Cup 2018: it won’t be easy!

14 Oct 2018 12:48
Under the theme – FASTER! HIGHER! STRONGER! HARDER THAN STEEL! – the XIII International Championship Dynamo Cup will be held on November 3-4, 2018 in Moscow (Russia).
Tournament program includes:

3th November:
– “5 vs 5″ (male)
– HMB Soft tournament. Qualifying competition for the II World Junior Championship. Presentation of an experimental discipline “5 vs 5” for juniors.

4th November:
– “5 vs 5″ (female)
– profights “1 vs 1″ Donjon Cup
– “12 vs 12″ (male)

The program of the tournament is spectacular and impressive, and the roster of participants will not let go from the lists a single HMB connoisseur. At this epic championship the most powerful, experienced and ambitious athletes from around the world will meet. We expect fighters from the UK, the USA, Argentina, Canada, China, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Israel, Belarus, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Poland, Finland, Estonia and, of course, Russia.
Those visiting the venue of the tournament, Tesla Place, these days, will find plenty of irresistible, breathtaking events: guests will have fun and be amazed. Different themes cater to all tastes. The admirers of history, healthy lifestyle, martial arts and strength sports will definitely have great time on the territory of the complex.

Dynamo Cup 2018 will impress the most demanding viewers!

Photos by Max Voshchanov


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1st-4th July
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