“Dynamo Cup”-2017: it was tough!

06 Dec 2017 15:42

On December 2-3, Moscow traditionally hosted one of the largest HMB tournaments in the world – the “Dynamo Cup”. Fighters from almost all parts of the world came to take part in it. This year representatives of China, Finland, Estonia, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, New Zealand, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Great Britain and legionaries from the United States fought here.

As HMBIA News find out, 41 teams took part in the category “5vs5″. This year, the “Dynamo Cup” tournament entered the Bugurt League system and teams were required to fill out registration cards with lists of fighters. Such cards, firstly, allow marshals to accurately monitor the violations of individual fighters throughout the tournament, and, secondly, they allow keeping the team composition unchanged throughout the tournament.

Ivan Koryagin, a member of the organizing committee of the “Dynamo Cup” -2017, told us the details of the tournament: “The group stage of the fights in “5vs5″ turned out to be interesting and dynamic, especially in the last group for the exit to the round of the Play-off between the teams” Partisan 2″,”Canada” and “Avalon”. The calculation of wins rounds gave the same results for all three teams and only scoring helped to determine the places of teams in the group. Although the favorites of the category were known in advance, the intrigue remained intact for total Play-off”.

The result of fights in the category “5vs5″ turned out as follows:
1. “Bear’s paw” (Russia)
2. “Old friends” (Russia)
3. “Bayard 1″ (Russia)

The organizers also worked on the entertaining part of the championship. All the fights and exits of the teams were decorated like a real show. For spectators, fights were being broadcasted on two large screens. Separately it is worth to mention the opening ceremony of the tournament – the beginning of the battles was preceded by a real medieval orchestra. A parade of participants was also held with a short story about each of them. Teams went under the flag of their country and carried flags and symbols of their clubs.

The first day of the tournament “Dynamo Cup” -2017 was finished with a ceremony of awarding winners in the category “5vs5″. Fighters received cups, souvenirs and gifts from sponsors.

The second day of the tournament was also full of events. In addition to historical medieval battles, on the second day there was a tournament on HEMA (European historical fencing), a knife fights tournament and a series of seminars.

The day began with women’s battles in the category “3vs3″. 10 teams from 6 countries were announced and participated. According to Ivan Koryagin, the favorites turned up quite quickly and the finalists were determined as quickly as possible. The battle for third place was a real war of annihilation. Here met a team from the Czech Republic and the mixed team Ukraine/Israel. Girls fought with minimal interruptions for almost 30 minutes. However, the victory went to the representatives of the Czech Republic. As a result, the places were distributed as follows:

1. “Smolnii” (Russia)
2. Canada (Canada)
3. “Prague Vixens” (Czech Republic)

In parallel with the women’s fights “3vs3″ there was a seminar for accredited marshals and marshals-trainees. Immediately after the seminar, control testing of trainees was organized, which applied for the rank of marshal. The newly marshals, who successfully passed this test, received their certificates from acting knight-marshals.

Ivan Koryagin:
“The second big HMB category on this day was mass men’s fights” 15vs15 “, the so-called “The Battle of the Yards”. 12 teams applied for this nomination and, after the registration, applications from individual fighters continued to arrive.”

The result of the nomination “15vs15″ looks that way:
1. Bern (Russia)
2. “Black Bear” (Russia)
3. “Old friends” (Russia)

We already mentioned that this year for the first time fighters from China took part in the “Dynamo Cup”. HMBIA News asked Gao Peng, a representative of the Chinese team about the impressions of the tournament:
“Dynamo is one of the most serious buhurt tournament in the world and everyone knows it. So when we decided to go, we just thought: let it be safe first, and informative as a second. Three of our Half-ton fighters joined German, two RedStar fighters joined Estonia, both of us got one win in each other’s group. The second day we send three fighters to joined 15vs15. I think that’s not easy, and lucky no one got serious injuries, anyway it’s Dynamo. This tournament ready surprised me, awesome place, nice people, top fighters, everything feels good”.

An award ceremony took place immediately after the end of the battles in the category “15vs15″. Winners were awarded cups and souvenir gifts. The high day for all fighters and fans ended. HMBIA News hopes that next year the geography of the “Dynamo Cup” will expand even more. We are waiting for everyone at the next HMB tournaments.


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1st-4th July
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