David Briscoe about “Waihora Battle”-2017: “It was great to see everyone fighting so hard”

08 Nov 2017 13:09
The “Waihora Battle” in New Zealand was a really tough tournament. Four teams from all the country came to fight in November. The results of that event were so important for every participant because the tournament has been added to the Buhurt League system, so all teams, registered in the League system, started to earn points for the tournament. There were “5vs5″, “Longsword”, “Sword and Shield”, nominations and “HMB Soft fights for the young fighters in the age of 12-17 years”. By the way, you can notice that fights in some categories were mixed. David Briscoe – the head of the orgteam gave the HMBIA News an interview and told us about the results of the tournament.

David Briscoe:
“It was a really tough tournament that ended up being fought in the rain. The fights were really hard with everyone refusing to go down, which unfortunately led to some illegal moves resulting in a total of 2 red cards and 4 yellow cards. In the end the “Felag Wolfs” were victorious, going undefeated for the tournament. A great result for a team, which only started its participation in July this year. It was great to see everyone fighting so hard, a big improvement in everything”.

Whole results of the “Waihora Battle-2017″ are:

1st – Felag Wolfs
2nd – MAC Iron Hides
3rd – East Auckland Eagles
4th – Steel Thorns

1st – Cody Hamilton
2nd – Daryen Berben
3rd – Leon Wynn

“Sword and Shield”
1st – Daryen Berben
2nd – Maddie Knibbs
3rd – Krystal Stewart

“HMB Soft” 15-17
1st – Krystal Stewart
2nd – Donovan Briscoe

“HMB Soft” 12-14
1st – Timothy Wigram
2nd – Detroit Levi-King

David was satisfied with the tournament – it was great in many aspects, but, according to him, there is always something to do better.

David Briscoe:
“There are always things to improve on. It was great to be a part of the Buhurt League this year, making things really official. This was a better tournament than last years, and I expect it to be improved next year, and hopefully encourage more teams to enter the event. I also hope to have more trained marshals next year”.

Also Mr. Briscoe mentioned that, unfortunately, due to so many injuries to fighters, the other categories were not fought, and luckily there were no long-term serious injuries, so everyone will still be able to fight again.

HMBIA and our editorial office are glad there are so many high-level HMB tournaments all over the world. And such an improvement of New Zealand promises us to see interesting fights in the lists of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nation- 2018″.

By this link you can find the statistic of participants in the Bugurt League system!


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