Dave McNaughton: “Working together we are far greater than the sum of anyone one fighter”

15 May 2014 19:41

People of HMB movement 
Dave McNaughton,
captain of the National Team of Scotland
…concerning his Team.
And about HMB sport in Scotland, of course  

Scotland has been an ongoing 2 year project that will come to final fruition on the 12th June at the World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2014 in Trogir, Croatia.

In Scotland nothing like this has existed, so to help this sport grow in Scotland we needed to look at how the other national teams have ended up with 1000+ fighters. They have local clubs that fight in a league to create regional teams who go forward then to compete to join the national team.

As such we are pleased to announce the creation of the Scottish Knight League.

We have 6 Clans, and they will be represented by their Champions. As Clan Champions they have shown their skill and determination to serve Scotland and its people.

Clan Hamilton Champion – Miles Hamilton
Clan Grant Champion – Andy Pratt
Clan MacNamara Champion – Paul MacNamara
Clan Cuthbert Champion – Grahame Cuthbertson
Clan MacKenzie Champion – Ginovanni Sambucci
Clan MacNaughton Champion – Dave McNaughton

We will be entering the 5v5 category. We would like to have entered the 1v1s category but as this is the first year Scotland has entered we decided to focus all our efforts on the team training. Working together we are far greater than the sum of anyone one fighter. Everyone in the team has given a great account of themselves through hard work and training.

Unfortunately this year we are not participate in women category. We have 2 female fighters anxious to get started but they want to be fully prepared before entering. As you know Scottish women are far more deadly than the men:)

Just entering into this tournament will be a great achievement in itself. Team Scotland aim to give a good account of ourselves on the field of battle and look forward to sharing our unique culture with the other countries. Alba Gu Brath!

Interview by
Elisabeth Irha

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania