Country in numbers – the great story of the USA

03 Nov 2017 18:33
«We see HMB as the next big sport in the world», – Jonathan deSalvo, HMB fighter and the owner of «Wolfengarde» told.

In the USA HMB sport is in the active phase of development for now.

At first let’s take a look at the progress of the American HMB community in numbers.

Amount of clubs – about 20.
Amount of fighters – about 200.
Amount of national tournaments– abound 10-12 by the 2017 year. The most popular are Riddle of Steel, Kearney’s Faire, Sonora’s Celtic Faire.
Amount of international tournaments – 2: International Tournament of Chivalry and ISCA.
Amount of certified marshals – 2.
The date of the birth of the HMB movement – 2012.

Now let’s talk in detail as things stand in the USA.

Individual HMB fighters have been in the USA before 2012. But in 2012 HMB-sport have been formed as a separate movement. One of the USS fighters then visited Ukraine and brought to home-country the idea of forming the first American team to participate in the World Championship “Battle of Nations 2012” in Poland. He contacted his friends-fighters, and 30 bind themselves this obligation.

Since that year, the popularity of HMB is gaining momentum.

At the moment, the strongest club is “Iron Phoenix”. Jonathan deSalvo told:

“The strongest of those clubs so far is Iron Phoenix. They were team “USA 1” this year and beat “Russia 1” on the first round. They did not beat “Russia”, but they left a strong impression and pride for the USA to be in the finals. The second strongest club would be “Black Swan”, who was “USA 2”.

The other well-known clubs are “Ursus”, “Plague Rats”, “Ordo Draconis”, “Palmetto Knights”, and “Wolfengarde”. Everyone has their own training methods, goals, and achievements”.

The HMB clubs within the USA enjoy a friendly rivalry but come together to form the international team as their top priority rather than besting other clubs.

Harvey Palmer (as known as “Aveloc Twiceborn”), the USA team captain, especially enthusiastically spoke about the importance of participating in the “Battle of the Nations”:

“We love travelling abroad and pretty much any “Battle of the Nations” we have attended has been at the top of our list for excitement and best stories. For the porpoises of this story I shall harken back to the 2012 in Poland. The American team came to the field quite confident and left it humbled but determined. For the USA a defeat of that sort only served to stir our desire for victory that much more. Being defeated so soundly has been long been inspiration for our continued work and practice to get better and eventually win gold at the “Battle of the Nations”.

Both Harvey and Jonathan argued that now is the time of great changes in HMB in the USA. In the nearest future the movement will make a breakthrough in development.

Harvey: “HMB USA is currently being reformed. Thanks to new people coming to HMB and thanks to cooperative enterprise with HMBIA, I believe we will be heading in a very productive direction. Gyms are opening, HMB Soft is gaining a foothold, we are moving to 4 National Qualifiers instead of 1. Even thought it has taken 5 years, America is finally gearing up into the battle for supremacy in the lists. I estimate there are 7-10 dedicated managerial members of the HMB USA team that are working diligently to see the sport progress here”.

Jonathan: «I would like to be able to bring more tournaments and events here in our area. It is a goal of ours to expand this sport in the community. We have been advertising and telling people all about it, passing out team business cards, fliers, posters, shirts, and other things. We see HMB as the next big sport in the world, and we want to make sure that it gets there well».

Now the USA is holding an active work on the completing a strong team for the nomination “21 for 21″. Jonathan: «One challenge for the USA team is too coordinate a strong 21 man team. Many of us are spread out across the nation, and it can be difficult to practice and organize a full 42 men event to practice against. We are trying to organize an event to specifically train for it and better prepare our 21 men team in next year’s world championship».

As we see, the USA has enough people who take HMB sport very seriously. HMBIA News wishes to activists their dreams come true.


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