“Copa Brazil”-2018: the National team is already formed!

15 Mar 2018 18:16

On March 10, 2018 Brazil held the main HMB tournament of the country called “Copa Brazil”-2018. It is the final stage of the qualifying tournaments for the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018.

There were the results in all categories:
Buhurt “3 vs 3″:
1st – Rosa de Ferro 1
2nd – Rosa de Ferro 2
3d – Ars Proeliaris

Longsword Duels:
1st – Rodrigo Alvarez
2d – Thiago Casimiro
3d- Fabio Toniolo

Sword and Shield:
1st – Fabio Toniolo
2d – Filipe Canabrava
3d – Flavio Lopes

Sword and Buckler:
1st – Fabio Toniolo
2d – Lucas Cortez
3d – Rafael Nadur

1st – Thiago Willer
2d – Joao Paulo Zerbinatti
3d – Carlos Souza

Profights under 75kg:
1st – Flavio Lopes
2d – Joao Pedro Miller
3d – Lucas Cortez

Filipe Canabrava, the captain of the National team told our reporter that the tournament had been great and left only good impressions: “We had 18 fighters from many parts of the country and we selected the National team. These 18 fighters were the finalists between all the fighters in Brazil. This year we expect to represent Brazil in Buhurt 5vs5 with one team, all the duels categories and profights”.

For now, Filipe and his team have plans concerning the HMB sport improvement in Brazil. First of all, they are trying to register more teams on the Buhurt League, so they are planning to held Buhurt Challenger tournament. Canabrava said that it was important to improve the teams for buhurts to show better results on the list of the “Battle of the Nations”.

As for this year National team of Brazil, Filipe Canabrava completely satisfied with the results of the selections:
“We think we are A LOT better than last year. But we are a new team. We are eager to win! And we will do our best!”.

So, HMBIA News will be waiting for the National team of Brazil on the list of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome and wish them good fights and tough opponents.

Our editorial office thanks to Kaio Lamounier for the photos.


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