Congratulations from Serbia

07 Jan 2021 14:50

In hospitable Serbia, holidays are loved and celebrated cheerfully. However, Christmas is exclusively a family holiday. According to Alexandar Uroshevich, President of the National HMB Federation of Serbia and representative of the HMB club “White Stags”, their team includes Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Old Believers. Therefore, Christmas is perhaps the only holiday celebrated separately here. But they congratulate each other sincerely and with pleasure.

Our friends from Serbia conveyed their sincere congratulations to all of us:

Hristos se Rodi, that means Christ is born, it’s serbian custom to say that on Christmas, we wish a lot of health and happiness to our brothers in arms around the world.

We have to stay strong and united in these turbulent times, not to think only of ourselves, we have to help each other, this situation that is worldwide is going to be changed only if we change ourselves and become better people. We have to hope for a better tomorrow and for having strength to gain that. Serbian team is ready and waiting to make the HMB family much bigger and stronger, yet we should remember that our family is as strong as our weakest member. 

Also I would like to thank our supporters and our fans for all of these years, without you nothing would be possible. Long live HMBIA!”

We join in the congratulations to Alexandar and look forward to meeting him and the HMB Serbia team at the Oradea fortress in Romania.

This post concludes our warm and heartfelt marathon. We thank you for all the congratulations and all the wonderful words that have been shared throughout the time. Once again we congratulate everyone on the magical winter holidays!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania