City authorities and sponsors in Estonia

08 Dec 2019 10:57

Nikolai Bykov, speaking to the conference participants, spoke about the experience of organizing the Reval Cup and Old Tallinn Cup. In particular, they discussed in detail the experience of cooperation of his team with the city authorities.

According to him, help from the city authorities was not received immediately, however, being interested in tournaments and their usefulness for the image of the city, partial assistance was provided for organizing the Old Tallinn Cup 2019. In his speech, Nikolai focused on the attention of the participants in attracting the city administration  to cooperation is a difficult task and such cooperation also causes a number of problems. However, a clear organization and compliance with the agreements simplify the task.

In addition, the representative of Estonia spoke about his experience in attracting sponsors to organize the HMB tournament. He noted that the potential sponsor is not always ready to provide financial support, however, the provision of transport, food and water is very helpful here. Any help from outside greatly facilitates the process of organizing a tournament, but the sponsor must be sure of the quality of the tournament itself.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania