Choosing weapons. Who cannot fight with halberd?

02 Sep 2014 11:22

Every club of historical reenactment has its own policy of fighters arming. Some pay more attention to a “shield-sword” set, some make emphasis on two-handed bladed or pole arms. In HMB sport, the issue of choosing a weapon is always on the fighters, who take into account their personal preferences. They choose the most convenient and their favourite weapons. The most popular variants can be a shield and sword, shield and falchion, or halberd, with which you can knock down an opponent in a few strokes.

There are no physiological limitations in the selection of weapons. The only person who will certainly face problem using the halberd is a man with one hand. There are some pieces of advice, for example, the longer arms the fighter has the better, but they do not play a key role. If the fighter uses a certain type of weapon successfully, is fit and helps the team, his/her height and weight are not important.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania