Chevasco Diaz, Argentina: “I hope to get a lot of fun :)”

05 Dec 2014 11:15


Battle of the Nations-2015

At the next “Battle of the Nations” I would like to fight against the best National Teams.

I hope to be better prepared, I hope to be better than last year, I hope to develop new tactics for my National Team, I hope that the National Teams will bring their best men, I hope to enjoy the time I spend in a camp saying anecdotes, jokes, sharing food and having fun…

Well, I hope the organization will continue to work hard to make Battle of the Nations-2015 even a better tournament. And I hope to get a lot of fun :).


Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz,
fighter of “CECM” club (Argentina),
fighter of National Team of Argentina

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania