Charity Christmas in Poland

30 Dec 2020 14:35

Today, as part of our festive marathon, we will tell you about the Christmas miracles that our brothers in arms from Poland did for children. The Niepokorni Orzesze club has organized 2 charity actions. Adults and children of HMB, HMB Soft and other sections took an active part in the organization. What a miracle our amazing guys from Poland did, Wiktoria Oles, the Niepokorni Orzesze HMB Soft club section trainer from Poland told HMBIA News.

“We organised 2 charity actions. The HMB section of our Niepokorni Orzesze club was the main organiser, but kids from other sections helped too (our MMA and football sections). The first one was organised for kids from Belarus, Ukraine and Romania. We had to prepare boxes with presents for kids from 2-15 years old. After all we had 20 fully packed boxes. Because of the size of the box we couldn’t pack all that we planned.  And that’s how our second charity action idea was born”, said Wiktoria. 

The Orzesze town has a Child Care Center. There are 10 children here. Club members announced the action in their social media. Kids from all club sections help to organise presents for each child. Overall there were more than one Christmas package for all kids. Moreover, there were a lot of sweets, cleaning products, bedding, everything that is needed for the art, clothes for the center as well. 

Niepokorni Orzesze club members organised a Santa’s sledge, packed all the presents on them and went with them to the kids a few days before Christmas. Wiktoria , 4 HMB soft fighters and 1 HMB fighter can only come for the center because of restrictions.

Now it is difficult to say who was more happy with the gifts – those guys who got gifts or those who gave them. But we can say for sure that this Christmas will forever stay in the memory and in the heart of everyone who took part in these actions. We believe that doing such miracles for children and everyone who needs help will become a good tradition for all of us!

And of course, our wonderful HMB Soft athletes and their trainer Wiktoria Oles from the Niepokorni Orzesze club wished everyone a Merry Christmas:

“Dear fighters, trainers, marshalls, organizers, and fans of the HMB and the HMB Soft! I wish you all the best in 2021. I wish you to be healthy and happy. I wish all of us to be able to participate in all HMB events next year. Please remember that we are all one big family and that HMB is not only about winning it is a living history of great and kind people. HMB is LOVE. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” 

HMBIA News thank the Niepokorni Orzesze club for everything they have done, for their kind and pure hearts and wish them good health and new victories!

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