“Championnat de France de béhourd”-2018: details of the past tournament

17 Mar 2018 18:07

Saint-Dizier hosted “French Buhurt Championship”-2018 on March 10-11. There were competitions in “5 vs 5″, “3 vs 3″ and “21 vs 21″ categories. It was really impressive!

This tournament was large-scale: there were 22 teams for “5 vs 5″, 3 teams for “3 vs 3″ and 5 alliances for “21 vs 21″ categories. Every team did their best to become a part of the National Team of France and win the honorable title of Champion of France!

There were thrilling and sometimes very fast matches. The fights in the “21 vs 21″ buhurt category were the most spectacular and exciting. The “Veterans” (“Aquila Sequania”, “Confrérie des Loups”, “Hommes du Nord”, “Martel 1″) fight VS “Regnum Francorum” (“Bécuts de Gascogne” (1 and 2), “Le Comtois”, “Grimaldi Milites”) was the highlight of the event!

Here are the results in all categories:

“5 vs 5″ :
1 – Le Hommes du Nord
2 – Bad Company
3 – Aquila Sequania
4 – Martel 1
5 – Les Comtois

“3 vs 3″ female:
1 – Dies Irae
2 – Les Lionnes du Nord
3 – Les Indépendantes

“21 vs 21″:
1 – Les Vétérans
2 – Regnum Francorum
3 – Arsanctor
4 – Rhomag
5 – Ligue de Fer

Also, for the first time the individual titles have been awarded by Fédération Française de Béhourd referees with a sponsor Château Faugas:
Champion of the list: Luca da Fonseca (“Red Stars”)
Most impressive action: Adrien Bedot (“Le Hommes du Nord”)
The most stubborn resistance: Alexandre Blondeau (“Ar Groaz Du”)

The event was interesting for the audience. There were nearly 4000 visitors in two days. People liked fights, supported athletes and, of course, were attracted by an impressive medieval market and with the HMB Soft workshop offered to children. Also there was online broadcasting of the whole championship on the Fédération Française de Béhourd Facebook page, with a total of more than 8000 views.

The Organize Committee of the Championship would like to thank everyone who was engaged in the preparation and running the tournament – that was an invaluable help! Thanks to the quality work, the tournament was held on the highest level!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania