“CECM”, Argentina: “There are no unimportant people, everyone is important!”

13 Oct 2014 18:03
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“CECM” Club, Argentina (Buenos Aires).
Established in 2013

Historical medieval battle is a new and relatively young sport, but it develops rapidly in Argentina. The country has an HMB Federation, which is working on the sport promotion. And its work is paying off, today HMB clubs are represented almost throughout Argentina.

Andy Di Francesco is one of the most popular members of the HMB movement in the world. She is one of the founders of the movement in the country, and in addition to fighting on the lists, she’s involved in the development of the movement in Argentina. Today Andy is one of the leaders of the HMB Federation of Argentina and is part of the club “CECM” (Centro de Entrenamiento de Combate Medieval) leaders.

– Andy Di Francesco:

“At first, we trained in the park, because we had no other place. Now we train in a sports complex “Triglav”, absolutely free of charge. Needless to say, the quality of training has improved. Several members of the club joined the National Team of Argentina, and participated in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Among the lucky ones were Juan Manuel, Ivan Gastromil Gonzalves and me. There are no unimportant people in the club, everyone is important!”

The guys from “CECM” devote a lot of their time to trainings and preparations for the tournament.

– Andy Di Francesco:
“In 2013, after our first “Battle of the Nations”, which took place in France, our team was divided into groups according to the territories where we lived. Thus, the first four clubs appeared in Argentina, namely “CECM”, “Valherjes”, “Compagnia del Lobo Negro” and “Acero y Sangre”. ?lub “CECM”, which I represent is one of the first HMB clubs in Argentina and is located in the capital city, Buenos Aires.”

Every beginning is difficult. “CECM” faced certain challenges at the beginning of its formation. According to Andy, she and the rest of enthusiasts did not even have a place to train.

– Andy Di Francesco:

“We train twice a week. It’s nice when a company of 20 or more friends and associates gathers together and starts the business!

We have seven sets of armor, 90% of which we made ourselves. In addition to training in armor and with weapons, we visit a gym. We also watch a lot of videos of fights, try to use experience of more experienced teams.

We often hold trainings, which look more like seminars. We choose a host, but the rest can also advise and suggest concerning new methods to practise. For example, someone knows a certain martial art which techniques may be used in buhurts.

It’s a new sport in Argentina, we have much to learn from teams such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine…

In our club, we do focus on speed, because we have almost no heavy fighters, mainly “runners” than “tanks” :). We pay more attention to fencing than wrestling techniques. The most important thing for us is to learn to think first, and then perform tricks on the lists.”


“CECM” (together with other clubs) often organizes events for attracting new people. And they are quite successful!
– Andy Di Francesco: 
“We often arrange public performances together with all the clubs and the HMB Federation of Argentina. It attracts new people, they’re getting interested. We are very pleased that quite often there are new people who want to engage in this new sport.”

“CECM” has a short history, but it has already occupied an important niche in the HMB movement. Andy Di Francesco said that triathlon fighters are prepared only in their club.


She also told us that there’s a highly developed partnership and exchange of experience between clubs in the country. Argentine men often “fight”, at least once a month the men from “CECM” and other clubs take part in tournaments of various levels.

– Andy Di Francesco: 

“Almost all the clubs are constantly cooperating with each other. We share our experience with novices and try to participate in at least one tournament per month, so we can share our knowledge. We often have inner-club, national tournaments, we attend international competitions… We try to participate everywhere, because that’s the way to get invaluable combat experience that we can share.”

Andy also admitted that not everything is so easy and bright in Argentina. Economic problems of the country influence not only people’s lives, but also the development of HMB sport.
– Andy Di Francesco:

“A big problem here is the economic situation in the country. It is very difficult to make armor and travel around the country. And it is impossible to buy armor in Europe, it is very expensive for us. And it’ll become harder and harder to come to “Battle of the Nations” from year to year. However, the HMB movement of Argentina is growing day after day. And this is good news!”

Christina Korneva

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